Point labels with Find Data, some are missing?

I am using the “Find Data” dialog to attach labels to points in a scatter plot in ParaView 5.6.0 on Linux. I have a file with country data (countries.vtp)

I use Glyphs to show the points. Then I use “Find Data” with “Find Points from countries.vtp”. For the selection, I use ID is >= 0 to select them all. Under “Point Labels”, I select “tag” to show the country labels near the glyphs.

Unfortunately, not all labels are shown. Every time I select “Run Selection Query” it will randomly chose glyphs to show the label for. I am guessing this is by design, similar to how you can specify the number of Glyphs to show. However, I cannot find the setting to specify how many labels should be shown.

Is there an option to show all labels?

Try Edit/ Settings/ General/ Advanced (the little gear), Maximum Number of Data Representation Labels. Increase this number.

Ah, that is suitably hidden. :slight_smile:
Thanks! That does the trick.