Poor GUI performance when building from source

(Derrick63) #1

Ubuntu 16.04
Paraview 5.6 (Both release and super-build)
gcc 8.1.0
qt 5.12.0

I’ve been able to build Paraview from source without any errors but when I run the program, the gui performance is very slow without even loading any data in the program. For example: delayed response to menu picks and delayed movement of axis in graphics window. When I download and run from the pre-built binaries, the gui response is good. So it’s something in the build process that’s affecting the program performance. Anyone have any ideas on where to start looking?

(Cory Quammen (Kitware)) #2

That is a pretty standard build setup, I think. It could be Qt 5.12.0. I think @utkarsh.ayachit has encountered some problems with that version (not sure about performance issues). FYI, we are building the pre-built binaries on linux are using Qt 5.10.1.

(Mathieu Westphal) #3

FYI I’m building with Qt 5.12.1 (ArchLinux) without any issue here.

(Utkarsh Ayachit) #4

I was referring to Qt 5.12.0 and macOS Mojave. I haven’t had issues with 5.12 on other platforms or older versions of macOS.

(Cory Quammen (Kitware)) #5

Okay, thanks for clarifying @utkarsh.ayachit and @mwestphal.

(Derrick63) #6

Thanks for everyone’s inputs. They’ve been very helpful in narrowing down the problem. I had been building Paraview with the “USE_SYSTEM_qt5” option to cut down on build time. I recompiled without that option and the gui is performing fine now. My system qt5 is version 5.12 from source. I noticed that in the superbuild, qt5 is built with the following options that are not included in my system qt5 build:
-skip qtconnectivity
-skip qtgamepad
-skip qtlocation
-skip qtmultimedia
-skip qtsensors
-skip qtserialport
-skip qtwayland
-skip qtwebchannel
-skip qtwebengine
-skip qtwebsockets
-nomake examples
-nomake tests
-skip qtsvg
I assume all these options were implemented for good reasons and I suspect one or more of these options is affecting the gui performance.