Poor GUI performance when building from source

Ubuntu 16.04
Paraview 5.6 (Both release and super-build)
gcc 8.1.0
qt 5.12.0

I’ve been able to build Paraview from source without any errors but when I run the program, the gui performance is very slow without even loading any data in the program. For example: delayed response to menu picks and delayed movement of axis in graphics window. When I download and run from the pre-built binaries, the gui response is good. So it’s something in the build process that’s affecting the program performance. Anyone have any ideas on where to start looking?

That is a pretty standard build setup, I think. It could be Qt 5.12.0. I think @utkarsh.ayachit has encountered some problems with that version (not sure about performance issues). FYI, we are building the pre-built binaries on linux are using Qt 5.10.1.

FYI I’m building with Qt 5.12.1 (ArchLinux) without any issue here.

I was referring to Qt 5.12.0 and macOS Mojave. I haven’t had issues with 5.12 on other platforms or older versions of macOS.

Okay, thanks for clarifying @utkarsh.ayachit and @mwestphal.

Thanks for everyone’s inputs. They’ve been very helpful in narrowing down the problem. I had been building Paraview with the “USE_SYSTEM_qt5” option to cut down on build time. I recompiled without that option and the gui is performing fine now. My system qt5 is version 5.12 from source. I noticed that in the superbuild, qt5 is built with the following options that are not included in my system qt5 build:
-skip qtconnectivity
-skip qtgamepad
-skip qtlocation
-skip qtmultimedia
-skip qtsensors
-skip qtserialport
-skip qtwayland
-skip qtwebchannel
-skip qtwebengine
-skip qtwebsockets
-nomake examples
-nomake tests
-skip qtsvg
I assume all these options were implemented for good reasons and I suspect one or more of these options is affecting the gui performance.