Poor performance in Immersive Paraview?

  • I’m running a cluster of 7 computers - one master and 6 “renderers”.
  • Running paraview on the master, connecting via MS-MPI to the renderers
  • It is running on Windows 7, with GTX1060’s. Each renderer has a mosaic’ed display - 3840x1200
  • Each Slave computer has roughly 5 instances of pvserver (slice camera rendering). Each computer is a 6C12T Xeon E5-1650. Total pvservers == 32~
  • Everything looks correct in 3D.

If i create a moderately complex object, paraview lags for a while before displaying it. Looking at CPU/Network usage, there is barely any hit while this happens.

After the object is created, panning the camera on the master is smooth, and syncs up nicely with the slaves.

However, creating a camera path and then running it performs extremely poorly (something on the order of 0.5 frames per second). Lots of similar operations (creating objects etc) freeze paraview for 30+ seconds before stabilizing. Due to the lag, we can’t really display anything meaningful.

Has anyone got Immersive Paraview running on a similar setup? What are your experiences?

Hi Alex,

Didi you manage to sort your poor performance on your cluster ? We have more or less the same configuration but we did not achieve to run server yet on all computers.