Possibility of ignoring NaN values in L2_NORM_RANGE

We have an issue where opening a file that has NaN values in it (see attached) will pop-up errors for L2_NORM_RANGE.

The NaNs are “real” – in the attached files they arise in the stress -> triaxiality variable. From Wikipedia:

In continuum mechanics, stress triaxiality is the relative degree of hydrostatic stress in a given stress state. It is often used as a triaxiality factor, T.F, which is the ratio of the hydrostatic stress to the von Mises equivalent stress:

So, at an initial state, where there are no stresses at all you have 0/0, but you can also have stresses but have a hydrostatic stress state: stress_hydrostatic / 0. So, what I’m wondering is whether there’s something we can do (a best practice?) to ignore the NaN values when ParaView computes the L2_NORM_RANGE – or otherwise ignore this error?

https://transfer.coreform.com/goUQpl/results.zip (7MB, can’t upload to Discourse since >4MB)