Possibility to convert datarray to UInt64

Hi, I have been attempting to create a new datarray of type =UInt64 using the calculator filter but failed. Even choosing Unsigned Long as Result Array Type in the filter results in a dataarray of type UInt32. On the other hand, chosing Id Type results in dataarray of type Int64 but not UInt64. Is there any possibility to export a data array from ParaView as type UInt64? I am aware of the opportunity to change the type manually in the resulting vtu files, but this is not a very elegant solution.

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Using unsigned long create a UInt64 array in my tests. Which version of ParaView are you using?

Hi Mathieu,

thx for quick reply. my configuration is:

I also tested in on a machine of another colleague and got similar results to mine, strange

Ok, so testing on windows will be necessary.

Dear Mathieu,

did you get any preliminary results from the testing on windows so far?

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So unsigned long is not the same size on windows (4bytes) and on linux (8bytes), that explains the behavior difference.

In order to be able to produce a UInt64 array on windows, we would need to expose a Unsigned long long type using a vtkUnsignedLongLongArray.

So it is not supported yet.

Please open an issue on our bugtracker if you would like to see this adressed : https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/-/issues

thank you very much for the clarification