possible bug PV 5.4.1

1- make a contour, say pressure
2- apply custom scaling.
3- When one adds a text to a contour the scaling is deactivate. Has this bug been reported?

How are you scaling the contour? Are you using the Scale setting under the Transforming properties in the Properties Panel? If so, that scaling only applies to the object in the pipeline - it is actually applied during the rendering of the object and does not change the scaling of the points in the object. If you want to change the points, apply a Transform filter with your custom scaling.

How are you adding the text?

Under coloring

I click the icon to the right of the edit icon ( it reads set range)

put in the new range 0.01 400 (original range is 1e-06 400.0)

than click on rescale

note that I am using logscale


Ah, sorry I misinterpreted your use of scale here (it is one of those overloaded words like ‘model’).

Okay, in this case, here is what to do. Click on your contour object in the Pipeline Browser. Next, open up the Color Map Editor. Click on the Lock Data Range property. This will ensure your color map range values for this color map are not changed automatically.

In ParaView 5.5 and later, this property has been replaced by a property called Automatic Rescale Range Mode. You would want to set this to “Never” to prevent updating of the color map data range.

As a side note, there is a ParaView setting under the General settings tab called Transfer Function Reset Mode that lets you control when and how the color map range may be updated (should you want that behavior).