Possible to use a vtkOrientationMarkerWidget() in ParaView?

Hello all,

A new question, but an old theme – I’d like to have a 3D objecg that remains on the screen in the same location, but reorients with the data. And after failing to figure out how to use the camera parameters to move the object in 3-space to be consistently in front of the camera, it struck me that the vtkAxesActor() basically do exactly what I want! Except I want to put my own 3D model instead.

So I wonder if it might be possible to actually replace the objects used to create the rotating axes with my own object?

Or failing that (and perhaps more likely, even if still somewhat unlikely), can I used a
vtkOrientationMarkerWidget() in ParaView? I think the orientation widget is what the axes actually use, and so it seems like this might be possible.

On my initial experiments in the Python shell however, ParaView crashed when I set the widget to On().

Thoughts? Am I still out of luck?