Post build error with vtkRenderingOpenGL2-pv5.6.dll

I am attempting to build Paraview 5.6.0. The build is successful but when trying to launch the executable I get the following exception:

Exception thrown at 0x000007FEC7DF656E (vtkRenderingOpenGL2-pv5.6.dll) in paraview.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000080.

More specifically, within the debug the error is being thrown at line 921 of vtkShaderProgram.cxxx within int vtkShaderProgram::FindUniform(const char *cname).

I have tried a whole host of cmake options but I get the same issue regardless of how I build the program. I can’t find anything related to this anywhere else so I thought I would ask here. Thank you.

This reads like a bug in VTK. @martink

What GPU do you have?

nvidia quadro m4000

(I should note that I have been connecting remotely to the desktop that I build this on. I am not sure if that brings about issues from windows trying to use RDPDD Chained DD as the video card. I will test this on the physical machine before I ask you to look any further)

Just as a follow up for anyone else who may stumble upon this: The issue was that remote connection uses RDPDD Chained DD as the video card when connecting remotely. When running from the machine Paraview was built on there were no issues.