Postprocessing AMRex data using Paraview python scripting

Hello everyone,

I am a PhD student at Texas A&M University. I am doing CFD and want to do some data post-processing and visualization using paraview. The CFD code I am using (PeleC) is an AMRex code, and doesn’t have a way for me to calculate the flow gradients accurately or access them as calculated by the code.

The post-processing I am looking to do requires the gradients of several flow variables, as well as a matrix inversion at each cell in the flow. I believe doing the computation inside paraview is the best way to go, as I hope to use paraviews gradient filter and numpy for the matrix inversion. However, I am struggling to get access to the data inside the python shell, and I am having a hard time deciphering how paraview scripting works. So far I have the raw AMRex data, as well as the data saved in a pvsm file.

I made a couple of searches and wasn’t able to find anything of this sort in previous questions. I tried following the wiki, but always reached some step where I was missing some attribute after following the same steps. I appreciate any help or advice you guys have for me, or just example scripts- I am not understanding how the data flows or how I can access it/do computations on it so having an example to see what that would look like would be nice.

Thank you.

take a look at and especially the tutorials section . It should give you a general idea about common workflows.