Potential pvbatch bug

I’m noticing weird behavior of pvbatch in parallel on multiple systems since v5.8 where if I try to access sys.argv that the script doesn’t exit properly. Try the following in a script with pvbatch with more than a single MPI process:

import sys

print("sys.argv is ", sys.argv)

The workaround seems to be by using the -sym flag results in everything working. Could someone else verify this?


Yes, I see the same thing.

Andy, Write it up and let me know where it is.


Gitlab issue at https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/-/issues/19935

Thanks for verifying this Dan!

I’m having the same issue but without running in parallel, the -sym flag and sys.exit(0) don’t work.
The issue is present also when running a script containing only:

    from paraview.simple import *

Possible solutions ?