Pre-export render updates

Hi there, newbie user here. I was using the trace functionality to see how to properly export animations and pictures using a python script, and noticed something I didn’t really understand:

I only have 1 view (I think), which ParaView happened to call renderView1. Then, what appeared in the trace was:
SaveScreenshot(‘output_plot.png’ , …)

I can see that it is desirable to ensure the view is up to date before saving it, but I’m confused as to why it is Update() that is used, rather than Render() which seems to be used for this (or similar?) purpose all through the User Guide for example. I ended up using both as I figured it couldn’t hurt, but couldn’t find the answer elsewhere so I thought I’d ask: would renderView1.Update() and Render() do the same thing in this case? If they’re different, what is Update(), and why is it used here instead of Render()? Sorry if this is a stupid question and I’m missing something obvious!

Cheers :slight_smile:

Update() is needed in the trace to ensure all property modifications are applied to their filters.
Render() would only render.