Pre/Post InitializeProxy call missing for Representation Subproxies

It looks like Pre/Post InitializeProxy call are not made for RepresentationProxy that are not directly created but are only SubProxy through RepresentationType tag.

Is that by design ? or is that missing ?

By design. Sub proxies are not public interface. Only the exposed properties on those are. Pre/Post InitializeProxy does indeed have access to exposed properties from the sub proxies and hence can init them. For any class outside the vtkSMProxy hierarchy, subproxy stuff should be treated as internal implementation.

I’m trying to to initialize a proxy property (ScaleTransferFunction) of vtkPointGaussianRepresentation from their domain.

I’m not sure on how I should implement it :

  • vtkSMProxyInitializationHelper can’t work as PostInitializeProxy is not called
  • a new vtkSMTransferFunctionProxyProperty with their own resetToDomainDefault implementation
  • a new vtkSMPointGaussianRepresentationProxy and a specific implementation somewhere
  • something else ?