Prefered method of compiling on MacOS?

Hello ParaView developers,

In other threads, we’ve had discussions about the OpenVR plugin on MacOS, and I’d like to give that a try myself, which means compiling on my MacBookPro.

So my question is: what’s the best method of compiling on a MacOS system? Do I have to have a particular development system installed?

I admit I haven’t tried yet, I’d to avoid obvious mistakes that others already know how to avoid. Maybe the answer is simply to run CMake, but I fear compiling things on Mac’s aren’t as simple as that.

Thanks in advance for your advice,

I’m not sure this is the answer to your question, but whatever method you use, I recommend using the compilers provided by Xcode. You should be able to use CMake to create an Xcode project if you want to use the IDE. However, I personally install the Xcode command line tools and instruct CMake to generate a build for that. My personal preference is to generate for the Ninja build tool, but generating for Unix Makefiles works fine, too.

+1 to what Ken said. I don’t recommend using the Xcode generator unless you need iDevice support (which is the only way CMake can build for those platforms AFAIK).