Preserve pathlines after particle is deleted

Hi there,
I am using Temporal Particles To Pathlines filter to analyze particle trajectories over time.
In one of simulations particle number is changed due to nature of simulation, this means those particles are deleted at certain locations and pathlines disappear in next time step.
My question is simple, is there any workaround to preserve pathline after particle is deleted?
I am using sequence of .vtu files and any existing topic is not giving any hint on solution of this problem.


You may want to add a correct particle id in your simulation so that ParaView can track them.

Thank you for suggestion.
Can this be done by Generate Ids or Generate Global Ids?

No, ParaView cannot guess that, you need to compute that before ParaView.

Good, I have particle ids in my input and pathline is drawn correctly until particle is deleted. Then, pathline disappears as well.
My goal is to preserve all pathlines when I reach final timestep, regardless of particles.

I’m afraid there is no such option in the TemporalParticleToPathLine, but you could add a particle that is not moving instead of having your particle disapear.

Can I do it in paraView?
Or I need to adjust my simulation?

Much easier in simulation I think