Prevent Legend dragging (automatic switch to *.WindowLocation = 'AnyLocation')

Hi all,
Is anybody know if is it possible to disable automatic switch to *.WindowLocation = ‘AnyLocation’ of the legend ?

When I use mouse in the main renderview windows, some times I innintentionate drag the legend and this changes its location, that annoying me.

Hopping that this question is clear (english is not my native language), if not, do not hesitate to notify me, I will try to clarify it.

Thanks by advance.

No answer ? :thinking:
Does it because nobody has never been making face to this situation or that does not annoying anybody to often reset the legend position ? It’s difficult to me to believe that …
So does it to “tricky”, for example because no GUI parameter exposed or because an “event manager” must be implemented to track any change of that *.WindowLocation attribut ? If I need to implement the latter, example/ressources will be appreciated (I do not have lot of experience with paraview neither with GUI programming).

Hi @gabokamaze

You can disable interactivity.


Hi @mwestphal ,
thanks for your response. It seems to be simple, but I can not find any “interactivity” related to the legend.
I found a “Orientation Axes Interactivity” check box (in the Properties) which behave exactly how I would like, but for the axes and not the Color Legend. Nothing similar related to Color Legend in the main Properties. Moreover, not any “interactivity” in the “Edit Color Legend Properties”.
I took a look also in Edit/Settings… within RederView tab, without succes …
I searched for “interactivity” in the documentation, but no relevant result ( Search — ParaView Documentation 5.11.0 documentation )
Is it an exclusively no-GUI parameter/property (only reachable through python console) ? In this case, how can I access it ?
Or is it a recent feature (I work with 5.9.1) ?

Sorry to ask this, but can you guide me step-by-step how to reach the “interactivity” you mention ?
Thanks by advance.

Indeed, this is missing !

Could you open an issue so that it can be potentially added in the future ?

I assumed it existed because other similar components do expose the interactivity. Not the legend sadly.

Done :
Thanks for your help @mwestphal .

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