print in terminal when using pvbatch

I am looking to print some info when I run the paraview script in pvbatch from the terminal (WSL in windows if it matters using paraview windows).
eventhought I have print statements in the script I failed to make them show in the terminal while being run using pvbatch.
I tried adding the flush=True in case that it was an issue of flushing the data without luck.
in any case that it is useful I am running the following lines from inside a .sh script (so ./ in the wsl terminal)

pvbatchPathWindows='/mnt/c/Program\ Files/ParaView\ 5.11.1/bin/pvbatch.exe'
eval $pvbatchPathWindows ./$paraviewScript

I am getting some vtk warnings printed (nothing important) and the script runs correctly, only that it does not print anything in the terminal.
any solution for this?