I used probe at the first timestep of my data, in spreadsheet view, I didn’t get any values or parameters, but when I used a different time step, the Values with the parametrs are visible. Why is this happening and how do I make the paramerts and their value visible for the first steap.

your probe is probably outside of your data.

But I did check it was inside my data.

please share your data

It is a confidential set of data, seems I can’t, but can you help me out ?

Have not gotten any values

Got the values here

It looks like the first timestep of your data is missing the fields. Even if the probe location is outside of the data, the Probe Location filter should have table columns for each field. Here is a screenshot of the disk_out_ref example with a probe outside of the volume:

As you can see, all the data columns are there, but they are zero-ed out and the special vtkValidPointMask column is set to 0.

Since you cannot send us your data, check for yourself to make sure that the first timestep actually has the field values.

Thanks a lot, understood.

But what if it does nott work fore first few time steps ? The same, does it mean there is no field value for those timesteps ?