Probing only selected (custom) field at a point


I used the Calculator filter to obtain new fields from existing ones in my data (FEA results). Now I’d like to probe the values of those fields at selected points (one by one). I tried using the Probe Location filter with Select Points On tool but this way I get a spreadsheet view with values of all fields in my data for the selected point. All apart from the ones I created with the Calculator and want to evaluate… What’s the simplest way to check their values at given points?

selected points (one by one)

Where are the points location coming from ?

I pick them manually from the mesh. Those are just a few arbitrary points located in my regions of interest.

Then that is the way to go.

All right but how to show the values of those custom fields (obtained with Calculator filter) for the manually selected points ? Possibly without showing the values of all the other fields.

It seems that I’ve found a way to do this. When I add the Probe Location filter to one of my field results created with the Calculator and select a point (using Ctrl+P to snap to the nearest mesh point), a table with all the results appears. Then I can click “Toggle column visibility” in the window with that table, disable everything and select just the Result. Too bad there’s no tool for quick probing which would instantly display the value of the currently enabled field at any picked point.

So the points location are coming from your data after all ?

“Quick probing” can be done using the “Hover Points On” feature in the selection toolbar.

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I wanted to check a few points in the area of the finite element mesh, somewhere at the top, bottom and in the middle of a ring but with arbitrary tangential coordinate.

Thanks, this is indeed much faster than Probe Location with Ctrl+P. Unfortunately, it also displays all the results at a point, not only the value of the currently displayed field.

Then you can using the “Selection Display Inspector” to only show the data you are looking for on a selection.

I know that in the case of OpenFOAM data it’s possible to select individual fields to load but for my data nothing like this is available. I tried using the Find Data option (it seems that it replaced the Selection Display Inspector which cannot be found in my case) but it didn’t help me.

Like this ?:

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Thank you. I couldn’t find it at first but now I know that it’s necessary to:

  1. Enable the “Find Data” tool (v)
  2. Go to the “Selection Display” section at the bottom and click on “Point Labels” in the “Selection Labels” section
  3. Check the desired output variable
  4. Enable the “Select Points On” tool (d) and pick the desired point (unfortunately, it doesn’t work for the “Hover Points On” tool)

The problem in my case is that I can’t select individual components of vector and tensor variables and the tool displays all the components at once for the selected point:

Can anything be done about this ?

Hi @FEngineer

Using a calculator, you can easily extract one or three component of any n-component array.


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