Problem Creating Contours From Hyper Tree Grid. BUG

Hi, I have a program that outputs a Hyper Tree Grid time series to Paraview. I need to calculate an integral over a contour. To create the contour I tried:

  • Apply the filter HyperTreeGrid To DualGrid. Then I can create the contour. The problem is that when I change the time steps everything disappears. Even if I go back to the original time step.

  • Applied the filter HyperTreeGrid To UnstructuredGrid which works well on every time step. To create the contour I applied Cell Data to Point Data to the unstructured grid and then created the contour. The problem is that nothing appeared on the render view, as if no contour was created. Also, I can’t calculate anything with the contour.

The data comes from a simulation with adaptative mesh refinement using octrees.

Can someone help me sort this issue out?


It seems this is a bug. I has been reported here HyperTreeGridToDualGrid BUG a long time ago. What should be done to fix it?

Hi @cdelv

I don’t think the issue was ever opened on

Could you open it ?


FYI @Charles_Gueunet @jfausty @Yohann_Bearzi

Hi @mwestphal. I will open the issue. Thank you for your answer.

Hi, it was opened a half of year ago HyperTreeGridToDualGrid BUG

Hi Eugene,
You point from this community support post to another community support post. Bugs are not logged here - they are logged in our gitlab site. Mathieu posted the link to the gitlab site above. If you don’t see this issue reported on gitlab, feel free to open a new issue. My guess is this is bug 21174.

The issue has been opened by @cdelv