Problem in box slicing

Hello experts,
I am facing a weird problem in slicing feature of the Paraview 5.9.0 version. I have a cylinder, I wanted a box slice, since I am interested in a small section of the domain (particularly at the cylinder surface), thus haven’t took a plane slice. Now when I am box slicing the domain at a particular place the slice gives me a discontinuous region. While if I am trying to slice it using the “plane slicing”, it is working fine. Could any one please comment/suggest in this regard? Thanks in advance.

Please share your data.

Hello @mwestphal, thanks a lot for your response and help. I shared the data with you through wetransfer, again this is the undergoing work, so I kindly request you to please maintain the confidentiality. Thanks a lot for your help and support.

please share a statefile to reproduce the issue.

Thanks @mwestphal for your kind help. I have attached the *.pvsm file herewith, please be noted that in the folder I have 20 time steps, and please change it accordingly, I hope you will easily figure this out. Thanks again for your kind help. box_slice_paraview.pvsm (502.6 KB)

I see the behavior which is probably linked to the fact that the box is very elongated. Further undertstanding of the issue will require a deeper investigation.