Problem with building EGL version of ParaView 5.10.0-RC1

There seems to be a problem with building the EGL version of ParaView 5.10.0-RC1.
Where the EGL include directory that is found by the superbuild does not get passed to the paraview build that requires it.

The superbuild itself finds the egl.h include file in the file


in my case but when paraview is built internally by the superbuild paraview itself does not find it.

This can be worked around by manually editing the file


and setting it oneself, but this should not be necessary.

Note I have the following environment variables set for the superbuild script.

setenv EGL_INCLUDE_DIR /usr/cta/DAAC/include
setenv OPENGL_EGL_INCLUDE_DIR /usr/cta/DAAC/include
setenv EGL_LIBRARY /usr/cta/DAAC/lib/
setenv EGL_ROOT /usr/cta/DAAC

Which allows the superbuild script to find egl.h in a non-standard location, but do not seem to work for ParaView itself when built by the superbuild script.


Joe Hennessey