Problem with cgns reader (version 5.*)


I have an unstructured cgns file, which can be read by paraview version 4.3.1. However, all 5.* versions seem to have a problem (core dumped). Tecplot was able to read the file.

I have put the file here:

Any help is appreciated!

I can’t test with ParaView 4.3.1 right now, but to be precise, in ParaView 5.8, the file is read but the CellTypes are incorrect and make ParaView crashes when trying to display them.

You can take a look by creating a Spreadsheet view before opening your file.

If you know your dataset, you may be able to identify which cells are failing to load and what is distinct about them.


I may have a clue on what is going on. Can paraview 5.* handle a hexahedral element with possibly multiple duplicated nodes, such as (1 1 1 1 5 6 7 8)? I suggest that paraview just handle such an element as if it is a hexahedral element.

Does that work?

Cc: @MicK7

If you put the following range [ 14036 15016 ] for the WALL section, it could work better. This is an issue not reported by cgnscheck but the file was invalid. Previous ParaView version did not read boundary condition sections and so did not reject the file.