Problem with find data box

I am a beginner and I’m following the tutorial for ParaView Version 5.4.1. I’m using it in Ubuntu 18.04.3.
I can’t get the “Find data” dialog box to work. When I click the button: “Run the selection query” ParaView closes immediately.
Do you have any idea why it happens? Should I use ParaView on windows?

Thank you very much, Tommaso

Hi Tommaso,
Two thoughts. 1) Update to ParaView 5.7.0. Updates are your friend! 2) Please give us better directions. I opened this file, I turned on these variables, I opened the find data, here are the inputs to Find Data, etc. Oh, and include a dataset. Don’t forget that there are example datasets in File/ Open, at the upper left of the dialog.

@Tommaso_Scali : Did you install paraview using apt-get ? or did you download it from our website ?

I fully agree with @wascott, please update.

I downloaded form the website and I couldn’t install the newest version.
I checked how to update it, but I should remove the version I have now and simply reinstall the new one, but I’m worried I’m gonna have the same problem.

Why ? Just download the .tgz, extract it and run it.

but I’m worried I’m gonna have the same problem.

Even though, we will know at least that the problem has not been fixed. If you do have the problem, please run ParaView from a terminal and report any errors displayed in the terminal.

Good morning,

Sorry, could you help me with all the steps? I’m a beginner of Linux and maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Right now I have uninstalled the older version and I have the folder uncompressed of the new one in my home directory.

If I try to run “paraview” from the terminal, it tells me that it must be installed and if I try to install it and run it I get the old version again.
Maybe it’s a silly question but I don’t know how to proceed.

Thank you very much, best regards,


It’s pretty simple - the application is inside the ‘bin’ folder in the folder you uncompressed. So from the terminal, you should be able to run something like this:


After that, proceed as you were before, and look for printouts in the terminal, and copy-paste them back here (using right-click to copy)



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Thanks for your answer. If I try to execute paraview from terminal when I’m in the right directory this is what happens (see photo attached).


Sorry. Now it works and I just realized it was really a silly question.
Thanks anyway for your help.

Best regards,


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