Problem with LIC

I have a VTK file of a velocity vector field. I can visualize the streamline, e.g. at 2D slice of my domain, with streamline function without any problem. But when i want to use LIC plugin, some times (the vector field is smooth), it visualizes some strange pattern. I tried all options in “properties” section, but it cannot be solved. A sample picture is attached here. This is produced by paraview 5.8.1 from a linux system. I tried the same vtk in 5.10 in Windows. The picture is again distorted, but differently!!
Appreciate your suggestion.

Hi @pamor ,

Please share your dataset.


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I have had the same issue before when recomposing chunks of solution solved in parallel, for me what fixed it was applying the filter Cell Data to Point Data and then applying the LIC to that.

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