Problem with Paraview Gitlab Master Build on Linux


I have found that when building the Paraview Gitlab Master Build on Linux, that
three symbolic links are missing from the Superbuild/install bin directory

ln -s python3 python
ln -s python3-config python-config
ln -s pydoc3 pydoc

The install of the osmesa version (and probably other versions) fails when it can’t find python or python-config (I am not sure if it fails on missing pydoc, but I wanted to be complete).

The install completes if these three symbolic links are made and the superbuild script is attempted to be made again.


Joe Hennessey

Thanks, Joe. Thoughts @ben.boeckel @utkarsh.ayachit ?

@joeh, is the failure building Mesa alone? Seems to me we need to fix mesa build (either pass it different params or patch it) so that it can use the python3 built by the SB. It’s worth figuring out how mesa finds Python and how we can tell it to use a different one.

If Mesa can’t deal with a python executable missing, it needs to be fixed. It’s a valid configuration that numerous distributions are using. I tend not to have /usr/bin/python on my machines because it’s just asking for ambiguities as to what version it actually is (thanks Arch).

I found the issue with the Mesa version, but expect it to be in all version using internal Python builds.