Problem with project data from one mesh onto another mesh with different geometries using ResampleWithDataset

Dear ParaView users,

as a simple example I want to project precipitation data from a sphere on a cylinder.
I have the sphere (precip.vtu) containing the data as unstructured mesh.
Then I created a cylinder from Sources->Geometric Shapes->Cylinder around the sphere as the second mesh.
I then used the ResampleWithDataset function (cylinder as source geometry and the sphere (precip.vtu) to map the data of the sphere on the cylinder .
It outputs the cylinder and shows the resampled data arrays, however, the values are zero.

I cannot imagine what is wrong.
Does somebody has any suggestion?

data and state files are here (pw: johannes12345)


It is more straight forward way to project coordinates onto a cylinder geometry than to interpolate data using ResampleWithDataset.
Here is the state file as example:
map_precip_on_cyl_2.7z (3.2 MB)

Hi @Kenichiro-Yoshimi,

thanks for the hint!

However, my original intention is to project data from one meshfile onto an unstructured meshfile with different geometries.
The spherer-cylinder projection was just a more simple example.
That’s why I tried ResampleWithDataset.

Do you have any suggestion of how to prject data from one mesh onto another if geometries differ?

ResampleWithDataset does not do what your are describing.

Projecting one data into another one is not implemented in ParaView and is frankly a very hard problem.

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For me it did sound so from the docs.

What is ResampleWithDataSet doing instead?

Resampling does not mean projecting.
Resampling means extracting the values from source1 into source2 geometry.