Problem with writing data into stl

(Jonhatan Lorenzo) #1

Dear Team,

I am trying to write a stl file with the Wall shear stress. I read that it is possible with paraview. First it is necessary to extract the surface and then triangulate it. I have done both steps and in the data of both I can see the Wall Shear stress and other variables. However, once I save the data as stl I can only see the geometry and the cellNormals, but the Wall shear stress and other variables are gone. Could you guys provide me with some information?

(Mathieu Westphal (Kitware)) #2

Can you provide an example dataset ?

(Michael Migliore) #3

As far as I know, the STL format does not support point data or cell data (other than normals).

(Jonhatan Lorenzo) #4

Dear Michael,

I also realized of my mistake, I created vtp files which contain the information of the surface!

Best Regards,