Problems with pvbatch and streamlines

So it’s been several days I’m struggling with pvbatch. What I’m trying to do is load my decomposed case, apply a box clip to only include the part of the domain I’m interested in, extract the blocks of my geometry and plot the streamlines from a line source and save the screenshots. After launching the attached script with pvbatch from the images saved I can only see the geometry of interest, but there’re no streamlines whatsoever even if the script was generated using Paraview (in local with my pc) and everything is fine. Streamlines are visible. Can someone help me identifying the problem? (14.0 KB)

Can you run the script within paraview with the python shell “Run script” button and share the results ?

Hey Mathieu, thanks for replying! Unfortunately no, the script is not running at all as it gives the error I attached below.
I’d like to point out that on the pictures I get from my cluster running the very same script with pvbatch I get something, namely the results of the ExtractBlock. So the script runs fine (and the status of the job is COMPLETED), there’re only no streamlines as desired.
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