Problems with TemporalParticlesToPathlines in 5.12.0

Hi all,

in ParaView 5.11.2 it was straightforward for me to use the Temporal Particles To Pathlines filter on a particle data set. Now, I wanted to try out the most recent 5.12.0 version but encountering problems in getting correct particle pathlines.

What is already strange to me, is that the created Particles output does not show any values like Velocity u,v,w,… but the Pathlines output inherited everything correctly from the input source. Further, with the same settings as in 5.11.2 I do not obtain any correct pathlines in 5.12.0. It seems, that it cannot link any particle correctly at all.

Any ideas, whether there have been changes to this filter and how I should use it in 5.12.0?

Thank you!

P.S. I would be happy to stay with 5.11.2 but there I get random crashes during the export of a mp4 animation. Sometimes it runs through, othertimes ParaView just crashes at completely different time steps. I’ve seen some similar reports in the past, but not sure, whether this was already properly addressed. Therefore, I wanted to try out the latest release.

you’re perhaps running against this bug. Should be fixed in the final 5.12 release.

Hi Jean,

thanks for the quick response and pointing out to this already reported bug. Sounds exactly like my problem.
Looking forward to the fixed version!