Programable Filter Freezing

I have started trying to run Programmable filters and any attempt to use them results in Paraview freezing. I get no output messages, just a freeze. I imagine it is something in my system but without any outputs. I am not sure how to continuing debugging this. Is there some other way to try to debug this at a lower level? I have attached some code below. Thank you!

Paraview 5.8.1 on MacOS 10.15.7

programmableFilter1 = ProgrammableFilter(Input=s)
programmableFilter1.Script = """print('hello World')"""

Which version of ParaView are you using ?

By the way, your script needs a Show() in order to compute anything.

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Thank you, Mathieu.

I am using Paraview 5.8.1. Using Show() instead of up UpdatePipline Also results in freezing.

Can you try with 5.9-RC3 ?

In any case, that seems specific to your setup. You will need to build ParaView in debug in order to investigate.

Unfortunately not with my employer at this time. Is there some resource on how to do the build with debug mode?

Sadly there is no getting started guide for OSX, but the full guide would still help you.

@zwilde , this is a known issue with 5.8.1 and macos Catalina. I’m working to rebuild the binary using a different build environment that should hopefully resolve the issue.


@cory.quammen and @mwestphal, Thank you!

I didn’t know about the Show() :slight_smile: Maybe it’s worth mentioning it in the ParaView Guide->Reference Manual ->Programmable Filter section?

Show() has nothing to do with Programmable Filter.

The goal of Show() is to create a representation of your data so you can see it inside your active view. This is true for any filter in ParaView.

You can find some explanation here.

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Thanks @jourdain, my mistake!

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