ProgramableFilter Output Not Appearing

I am trying to define a very simple Programmable filter (paraview 5.11.0-RC2). I have loaded my data files. Added a ProgrammableFilter to the pipeline. Created the following Script using Output Data Set Type: Same as Input:

da = inp.PointData[‘Displacements_X’]/2.0
print(‘Filter Message’)

Then I apply the filter. The print message shows in the Output Messages but DX2 appears nowhere to be used. (Displacements is a vector data in the input to the filter.)

I am clear missing something simple here but I have can not figure it out.
:frowning: sanjay

Figured it out. Unlike the calculator, the PointData keys are the vector names, no components. So I needed:
da = inp.PointData[‘Displacements’][:,0] / 2.0