Programmable Filter: ALGS is not working properly on Paraview 5.5.0

Hi all

I have a very simple programmable filter that works fine in Paraview 5.4.0. However, when i try the same thing in Paraview 5.5.0 it does not work.

It seems that PV 5.5.0 have a problem with the Algoritms package (it does not recognize the “sqrt” function)

How can I modify the code to make it work in PV 5.5.0 ?

I have attached a simple Fluent case and the state file for PV5.4.0 and 5.5.0 to show you the problem.

Thanks in advance !

MiguelPV_ERROR_TEST.dat (491.3 KB)
STATE_error_PV5_5_0.pvsm (469.5 KB)
PV_ERROR_TEST.cas (298.6 KB)
STATE_reference_PV5_4_0.pvsm (525.7 KB)

your input data is now read as a multi-block dataset, with a single block. Thus, CellDatatoPointData is also a multi-block.

The fastest trick to apply is to insert a MergeBlocks between CellDatatoPointData and ProgrammableFilter, and your code will work as-is

Excellent ! That works perfectly fine. Thanks alot for your quick and accurate answer !

Best regards