Programmable Filter: if else statment

I’m trying to implement at programmable filter in which I read in an existing array from an imported solution, then calculate a new array based on an “if” “else” statement. Specifically if a nodal value is greater than zero, I perform a different calculation than if it is negative.

I’m stuck where the code is trying to evaluate the data in the existing array against “>= 0”. I think it may have to do with the fact that the data type is a ‘VTKCompositeDataArray’ and I’m trying to compare it to an integer or float. The snippet below always evaluates >=0 at TRUE even though there are negative values in the solution.

Is there a way I should convert the conditional statement parameters to the same data type, or another/better way to fix this issue? I can’t quite find a solution after searching through the various examples online.

Windows, Paraview v5.9.1

import numpy as np
input0 = inputs[0]

# Max principle stress midpoint value array
Sigma_m = input0.PointData["Stress_maxPrin_Mid"]

# Constants
numPoints = input0.GetNumberOfPoints()
Ct = 1.0
Sut = 1.474*10**9

# New array for output
pointArray = np.empty(numPoints,dtype=np.float64)

# Iterate through Sigma_m array, populate pointArray according to if/else statement
for i in range(numPoints):
    # the next line is giving the troubles, I believe
    if Sigma_m[i] >= 0:  
        pointArray[i] = (Ct*Sut*input0.PointData["Stress_maxPrin_Alt"])/(Ct*Sut-input0.PointData["Stress_maxPrin_Mid"])
        pointArray[i] = input0.PointData["Stress_maxPrin_Alt"]

Thanks, Mathieu, for this link; I hadn’t seen that post. Indeed, passing the data first through a Merge Blocks filter then allows either the simple Python Calculator “np.where()” to work as Cory suggested, or the Programmable Filter above works now as well.

Thanks again, all!