Programmable filter: include image in the properties panel


I would like to know if there is a specific XML hint allowing including images in the GUI of a given Programmable filter, i.e., something like this:

But for images inside the GUI (not for icon images).

Thanks in advance!


Looks like your post is missing an image example.
Without it, I’m not sure to follow what you are trying to do.


Yes, sorry for that. Here is the picture showing what I want to achieve: I want to include an image in the GUI of a programmable filter (or source). I would like to know the specific plugin’s XML hint that allows doing that (Something like the hint used for inserting images in the icons, i.e.: “ShowInMenu icon=”:/MyIcons/MyElevationIcon.png" )

Thanks in advance!


I’m afraid that is not supported with a ProgrammableFilter.

The only way to do that is to implement a C++ plugin with a dedicated Qt widget that will shows the image.

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