Programmable source with Tecplot reader


I’m trying to open a Tecplot dat file within a Programmable Source. My objective is to open the file, keep doing some operations with the arrays and then send everything to the output (i.e., the original arrays + the new calculated arrays).

However, i’m struggling with the reader because it creates another element in the Pipeline instead of having acces to the file arrays inside the ProgrammableSource (See image for clarity)

Do you have an idea of how to solve the issue ? (just in case: open the Tecplot data and then apply a programmable filer is not an option for this application).

Thanks in advance!


ps: in order to replicate this problem, please find in the attached file a Tecplot dat file example. The code i’m using for the ProgremmableSource is:

from paraview.simple import *
AAA = TecplotReader(FileNames=‘PathToTheFIle/…/test_PIV.dat’)
print AAA

test_PIV.dat (1.3 MB)

Programmable Filter use VTKPython, not pvpython
from paraview.simple import * is invalid in the ProgrammableFilter

Write your code in VTKPython instead.


Thank you very much for the tip! Now it works fine:

import vtk
FileData = “PathToTheFile/…/test_PIV.dat”
Data = vtk.vtkTecplotReader()

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