Progress Bar in 5.9.0

I just downloaded 5.9.0 and loaded a state file from 5.8.0. It has a progress bar with a secondary color selected and the option selected to show the background . In 5.8.0 the progress bar updated correctly with the progress bar color increasing in size and the secondary color portion of the bar decreasing in size. However, in 5.9.0 the progress bar is completely set to the secondary color (i.e., no progress). It doesn’t matter what the selected secondary color is, only that the background is shown.

Is this a bug in 5.9.0?


First, welcome to the ParaView community!

I don’t know about your specific use case, but the progress bar has been broken forever. The issues are numerous, just a few of which are that if you aren’t careful, the progress bar will actually start slowing down ParaView when run with a remote server, you really want progress for everything in the pipeline (not just the current filter), and progress touches everything. One of these days it will get fixed, but it has not been at the top of the priority list. If you search the bug tracker for progress, you will see what is currently reported.


I appreciate the welcome and the information.

It has been okay for me in simple 2d/3d rendering. It was just a surprise with the new version. I can work-around by just not showing the background.


AAAhhh, I bet you mean the Filters/ Time Step Progress Bar. (The progress bar is different, and is at the bottom of the view). Further, you don’t mean “show the background”, but “Draw Background”. Yes, this is very likely a bug. Mind writing it up in the bug tracker? Bug tracker found on the site, Developer Tools/ Issue Tracker.

You are correct, Filters/ Time Step Progress Bar.

I have no problem on adding an issue to the bug tracker.
Is the Issue Tracker a different account than this one?


I believe it is a different account, but new accounts are really easy to create. The only reason accounts are even required is to keep spam bots from poisoning the bug tracker.