Projecting data from a 2D mesh onto surface below in concentric rings

I have a closed triangulated 2D surface that is pancake-shaped and has approximate cylindrical symmetry. On the rim, the concentration of points with nonzero spontaneous curvature (spontaneous_curvature) is high, while it is low in the flat region.

I want to plot the number of these points on the y axis and the distance from the centre of mass of the pancake on the x axis. Something to the effect of projecting the points in concentric rings down on the plane that is parallel to the flat side of the mesh and counting the instance of points with nonzero spontaneous curvature.

I am sending the .vtu file below. Coloring should be set to: spontaneous_curvature.
timestep_001499.vtu (3.1 MB)

Any help is much appreciated.

I solved it with the Calculator option - I found the plane normal and then used basic algebra to project the maesh onto a plane.