proper paraview development build on debian/ubuntu

I installed paraview 5.7.0 (and paraview-dev) on Ubuntu 20.04 using apt packages, not the pre-built binaries. The main reasons are trying to do things within the debian/ubuntu build system, but also to build custom plugins using these system installed packages.

At first glance it looked OK, but noticed that they forgot to include some cmake files (noted in this debian bug report). This looked easy enough, so I forked their build and added a few more files to be installed (the various vtkWrapXX binaries were also missing).
After reinstalling these newly compiled packages, I tried using them for the plugins. The usual minor bits about not having all of the make dependencies (eg, libavdevice-dev …), but nothing alarming.

However, I struck a large roadblock with the MPI detection failing and from there things just got worse.
Has anyone (kitware, elsewhere @mwestphal??) got this working?

My scratch pad of changes is on a WIP merge request for review

If there is more/less that should be there, I would be grateful for input. It would be nice to get this properly sorted.


I don’t know how Debian does it, but Fedora uses a separate prefix for MPI libraries (e.g., /usr/lib64/mpich or /usr/lib64/openmpi on Fedora). This is because they tend to have SONAME conflicts. You may need to add this prefix to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH for the correct MPI to be found.