Proposal: PBR Material Editor

Dear paraview community,

we are currently developping at kitware europe a new paraview feature which adds an interface to edit OSPRay materials within the paraview GUI. It will:

  • allows you to load a existing material library from a json file (such as
  • add or delete material from that library
  • brows through that library and make changes to the various properties of each material
  • save the edited library
  • see the current loaded material into a shader ball like environmment accessible within the widget which would give immediate feedback on current material changes

The current design, although still a prototype looks like this

You can see the material editor on the right hand side of the paraview window. The main rendering window displays a simple ball with a HDR environment. This rendering will in the end move inside the material editor, and would be independent from the rendering window.

Any thoughts / concerns?


Awesome feature! @Michael

@Thomas_Caissard as someone who makes a ton of materials this would be an awesome addition! Will this be able to handle all the materials OSPRay supports or just the base PBRs?

It is only an OSPRay material editor (not linked with our PBR shader), so all OSPRay materials are available!

Great! I would get a ton of use out of that. If you need someone to beta test at some point let me know

One suggestion I have is to try to do as much of the implementation as is feasible at the VTK level. This would make the editor be easily reused by other VTK enabled applications and would facilitate packaging as a standalone offline application.

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