[Proposition] Using an Information Property to optimize ResetScalarRangeToDataOverTime

This is a follow up of a previous post on VTK discourse

Use case

We read some temporal data. For the visualization we choose an array and we want to setup a lookup table with the union of all the data ranges over time, i.e. we use the Rescale to data range over all timesteps button.

For now each timestep is read successively and ranges are aggregate to get the union.

In the specific case where the reader knows about this data range over time, we would like to avoid this loop over timesteps to save a lot of time and resources.


The pqResetScalarRangeReaction::resetScalarToDataRangeOverTime may look for a β€œnew” InformationProperty called ArraysRangeOverTime to get this information from the reader and reuse it if present.

as @mwestphal suggests, we can also use an Information Property for (non-temporal) ranges, for consistency.


This optimization will be available for each source proxy containing the relevant InformationProperty, but it is more expected to have it on the reader.
For further filter in the pipeline, one can look for the property in the panel and do a manual Reset To Custom Range if relevant.

Thought ?

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@utkarsh.ayachit @mwestphal

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I think that providing a ArrayRange information prop could also make sense.