Provide additional binaries for Windows with Python 3 support

I apologize :frowning_face:, I did not know that the topic will be removed if I delete and then reassign my account. So I will repeat the question here: Do you plan to provide ParaView binaries for Windows with Python 3 support? And if yes, what timeframe do you expect?.

[ Mathieu Westphal (Kitware) wrote]

ParaView 5.8 will be shipped with Python3.

[Kirill Balunov]

Wow, it was fast! Thank you. Can you specify which minor version of Python will be there, or it is currently not settled down?

[Cory Quammen (Kitware) wrote]

We are aiming to make this available in ParaView 5.7, due out this summer. It’s not clear which minor version we will use - it might be that we provide binaries with Python 3.5, 3.6, and 3.7, but it depends on what customers need. Do you have a vote for which version?

Sorry one more time for inconveniences.

@cory.quammen although I will answer that my preference is to provide binaries with the latest stable version (3.7 currently, 3.8 - in 3 months). I understand that the answer to this question is completely subjective, but if you choose the 3.6 (because of f-strings and dict ordering), I would be totally ok :smiley:.

Perhaps you can make it so that there will be a setting during installation to select the Python version that is already installed on the system. But of course it opens up a whole can of worms…and I really don’t know if it is doable. But for the end users - variant with system`s python will ease to install other python packages through wheels and to use other stuff from cpython’s ecosystem.

Also I need to admit, that I’m completely new to the ParaView, and at the moment I am trying to understand what can be done with Python in ParaView. In other words, what is its status here - just as an addon scripting extension, or as a somewhat first class resident which have access to the majority of the application’s capability (gui control, widgets).

The packages have the Python version in them. Linux will be 3.5 to start (and is looking to likely ship their own Python until 5.8 when we have a better solution). I think macOS will have 3.7 and Windows probably 3.7 as well. Each package will only support a single Python version and for 5.7, we’ll only have one for each platform.

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