PV 5.7.0: Calculator error


I’m trying to do a very simple operation with the “Calculator” filter that works fine in previous versions but NOT in PV5.7.0. In the new version the software crashes and closes.

Please, find in the attached file a state file that works fine in PV5.5.0 but not in PV5.7.0.

There is something wrong in my procedure or there are some fundamental changes in the new Paraview version?

Thanks in advance!

MiguelPV_5_5_0_Rerefence_OK.pvsm (677.5 KB) PV_ERROR_TEST.cas (298.6 KB) PV_ERROR_TEST.dat (491.3 KB)

your state contains (custom) filters that cannot be loaded, as EpsilonAxes or Epsilon_Wave_Anergy_Divergence (see full output here : errors.txt (6.7 KB) ). Can you try to export the state again from 5.5 ?
A workaround may be to export your custom filters from 5.5 and import them in 5.7.


Thanks for your answer. Please, find in the attached file a PVSM file directly from PV5.7.0.

What i’m doing is simply loading a Fluent file (cell data) and then apply a very simple Calculator filter. This works OK if the original cell data is used. However, when Fluent data is previously converted to point data, the calculator crashes.

PS : I really need to use the calculator from a point data. Using CellDataToPointData after the calculator is not an option for me.

Thanks again!


PV_5_7_0_error.pvsm (388.6 KB)

In your input dataset, there is a cell array with an empty name. Whereas it should not crash, it is not a good practice. If you cannot regenerate your dataset I suggest you to apply the PassArrays filter on your reader with all arrays checked except the empty one. Then you will be able to apply your pipeline without crash.


That solved the problem! Thanks for four support!