PV + Linux + openvr + Vive - SETUP

There are a few separate threads here and there on this, but I thought I would consolidate and have this as an anchor point for all us poor Linux folks out there. From my understanding, ff you grab the Linux binary from the PV download page it will have the VRplugin, but not the OpenVR plugin (this is different than the Windows binary which I believe has the OpenVR plugin by default).

(1) So compile from source, and turn on the flags;

Module_vtkRenderingOpenVR:BOOL = ON 

(2) Set the directories for openvr;

 OPENVR_HEADERS_ROOT_DIR  =  $openvr_path/header                                        
 OPENVR_INCLUDE_DIR  = $openvr_path/headers                                                              
 OPENVR_LIBRARY_TEMP = $openvr_path/bin/linux64/libopenvr_api.a                                   
 OPENVR_ROOT_DIR  = $openvr_path

(3) Run steam on Linux. I’ve found the best options for me tend to be to explicitly set the nvidia driver I’m using (and force it to use tcp which seems to help with firewall issues);
STEAM_RUNTIME_PREFER_HOST_LIBRARIES=0 LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/lib32/nvidia-410" steam -tcp

(4) open paraview, load the openvr plugin, click “send to openvr”

and fail…

ERROR: In ParaView/VTK/Rendering/OpenVR/vtkOpenVRRenderWindow.cxx, line 624
vtkOpenVRRenderWindow (0xa291960): VR_Init FailedUnable to init VR runtime: vrclient Shared Lib Not Found (102)

Any help?

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sorry that it took me a while to get back. My configuration looked similar to yours, and was actually pretty straight forward. I also got a compile error, as a method that should assign a bool could not be called. I looked at the code, and I think it was a method that looked for a certain interaction device, and decided that in my case false would be the right option. After that, it compiled and run, but when I would send data to OpenVR, ParaView complained that a library was not found, please also check my other thread here: OpenVR under Linux
Both Steam and SteamVR were running fine.