PV4Readers don't compile correctly into OpenFOAM


I am trying to do some OpenFOAM simulations with the assistance of ParaView. Beforehand: I am new to all of these applications, so excuse me, please, if my terminology (and knowledge) isn’t always on point

OpenFOAM (2.4.0) seems to be installed correctly. It has to be mentioned, that I am a new user on this PC (OpenSUSE 42.3; x86_64) on which OpenFOAM and ParaView have already been used.
This is why I only had to build a new user Folder in the OpenFOAM-folder (instead of installing from scratch). What was left was to compile ParaView4 using


$> ./makeParaView4

which seemed to be successful and to compile the PV4Readers using


$> cd $FOAM_UTILITIES/postProcessing/graphics/PV4Readers • $> wmSET

which didn’t work. The last command leaves me with


ERROR: ParaView not found in /home/ehrhardt/OpenFOAM/ThirdParty-2.4.0/platforms/linux64Gcc/ParaView-4.1.0

It neither did work with the installation instructions given here (beginning from step 12):


I am aware that many people had a similar Problem before me. I tried, for example, the fixes suggested here:

Paraview not found when installing OpenFoam to Ubuntu 14.04

As an example, I will also add the log that was written using this code (had to add .txt to it to be able to upload it):


cd $WM_THIRD_PARTY_DIR sed -i -e ‘s=CUDA_FOUND=OFF=g’ ParaView-4.1.0/Plugins/SciberQuestToolKit/SciberQuest/CMakeLists.txt
./makeParaView4 -qmake $(which qmake-qt4) > log.makePV 2>&1

log.makePV (1.7 KB)

I hope that was enough information. I was trying not to miss out on anything doing my first post here.
I also opened up a thread on cfd-online. You can find it at :


Thanks for the help,


Hi Erik,
I hope you are aware that OpenFOAM-2.4.0 is somewhat old, as is ParaView-4.1
If you can move to more recent versions, life will be easier. The OpenFOAM-v1806 release (ie, the JUN-2018 release) was shipped to compile against ParaView-5.5.2. The upcoming OpenFOAM-v1812 (next month) will use ParaView-5.6.

Having said that, it doesn’t actually matter all that much if you do or don’t manage to compile OpenFOAM and ParaView together, provided you have a somewhat recent ParaView. The native OpenFOAM reader provided by VTK generally does a great job. There are only a few specialized reasons you’d need the plugin/module provided with OpenFOAM:

If you have issues building OpenFOAM because of ParaView, then just skip the ParaView part and use ParaView from your system, or download a newer version from KitWare.
No problem!



sorry for the late answer, but thanks for yours anyway.

Unfortunately, I am requested to use this old version of OpenFOAM, but I was recently was informed that I might just use (as you suggested) a newer version of ParaView, which I now do.