PV5.9.1: Rendering Artefacts, Win10, GTX1650

While trying to interact [rotate,pan ,zoom]with dormant *.paraview state files opened after a while [few days,hrs] leads to the below :-

  • Test Set : Comb.xyz, Comb.q combxyz_artefacts1.pvsm (840.1 KB)
    point the file to appropriate *.xyz,bin::[say] %userprofile%vtk/VTKData/Data/combq.bin
  • PVersion: 5.9.1
  • PS : certain filter uses NVIDIAIndeX, Paraview has been set to the HighPerf Nvidia Proc. Mode

Client Information:
Version: 5.9.1
VTK Version:
Qt Version: 5.15.1
vtkIdType size: 64bits
Embedded Python: On
Python Library Path: C:\Program Files\ParaView 5.9.1-MPI-Windows-Python3.8-msvc2017-64bit\bin\lib
Python Library Version: 3.8.6 (tags/v3.8.6:db45529, Sep 23 2020, 15:52:53) [MSC v.1927 64 bit (AMD64)]
Python Numpy Support: On
Python Numpy Path: C:\Program Files\ParaView 5.9.1-MPI-Windows-Python3.8-msvc2017-64bit\bin\Lib\site-packages\numpy
Python Numpy Version: 1.19.2
Python Matplotlib Support: On
Python Matplotlib Path: C:\Program Files\ParaView 5.9.1-MPI-Windows-Python3.8-msvc2017-64bit\bin\Lib\site-packages\matplotlib
Python Matplotlib Version: 3.2.1
Python Testing: Off
MPI Enabled: On
Disable Registry: Off
Test Directory:
Data Directory:
OpenGL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL Version: 3.2.0 NVIDIA 471.41
OpenGL Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650/PCIe/SSE2

Connection Information:
Remote Connection: No

Make sure you do not have any exotic drivers installed on your machine.

@mwestphal , it’s happening only if the ribbon filter of the stream tracer is activated.

Is there a way the conflicting drivers can be nailed ? How do we check !

Can you reproduce on another computer or only on one computer ?

Tried on a machine, with bare metal OS installed, with no exotic drivers.

There was some nvindex warning for non matching CUDA version due to old graphics driver update it to 10.2 as per warning.

is this issue replicated at your end ?

is this issue replicated at your end ?

Not yet, please share precise steps to reproduce the issue.


  • Load PVSM, point to comb*.xyz,*.q
  • Switch on the Ribbon within Stream_Tracer

Interact with the model [rotate, zoom, pan].

Tried on a machine that has WSL with Ubuntu20.04, that has openfoam + pv 5.6
similar trends.