pv5.9 Crystall Eyes in CAVE can not work

I test pv5.9 in 5-sides CAVE environment(using Crystal Eyes). In master PC , I can see the stereo. However, in CAVE(client PC), there are no stereo.
But, I test pv5.7 in the same environment using the same configurations, they worked well, I can see the stereo in both master PC and CAVE.
I found that, in pv5.9, there is a new VRplugin named zSpace, should I build zspace plugin for Crystal Eyes mode in CAVE environment?

What is your:

  • OS
  • Desktop Environnement
  • GPU
  • GPU driver


See here related issue: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/-/issues/19038

zSpace plugin is unrelated to your issue.

windows10, NVIDIA Quadro P6000, GPU driver version

Your configuration should be supported without issue. This would require deeper investigation.

yes. I test the Crystal Eyes mode in both server and clinet computer using pv5.9 seperately, they worked well. But when I use mpi, I can just see the stereo in master PC, there is no stereo in client PC.
Maybe mpi doesn’t send the correct parameters?
The command I used as below:

mpiexec -hosts 3 renderleft rendermiddle renderright pvserver --stereo --stereo-type="Crystal Eyes" cave.pvx
paraview --stereo --stereo-type="Crystal Eyes"