pvbatch on ppc64le


is there any version of ParaView with pvbatch that can be executed on ppc64le architectures?


Prebuilt? No. It’s been deployed on such architectures before, so it should work if you compile from source (https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview-superbuild).

Hi @ben.boeckel ,

I’ve compiled it from source like that:

git clone --recursive https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview-superbuild.git
cd paraview-superbuild
cmake .

To have ParaView like the ones prebuilt is there any additional flag that I should use? because I cannot find pvbatch for example


pvbatch requires ENABLE_python3 and ENABLE_mpi. There’s a lot here, but the official packages are built from this configuration. Basically, any enable_project call in there may be of interest, but you can ignore anything that you know you don’t need.

How I can use that config file?

I do apologize but I’m not too skilled with compilation …


Using the CI config directly is probably a bit hard, but for any enable_project(somearg) that you’re interested in, you can use -DENABLE_somearg=ON option when configuring (or toggle it in the gui/ccmake).