pvglance iframe back button

When including pvglance to an iframe (loading data automatically via URLs) I have trouble managing the behaviour of the back button of the web browser, see for instance

Clicking the back button of the web browser go back to the landing page of paraview glance, which I don’t want (In fact, the landing page is “useless” for us, as we always load data via URLs).
Is there a simple way to:

  1. Disable landing page or
  2. Prevent pvglance from adding an entry to browser history

Thanks !

We can add a startup option to Glance to disable the landing page, which should help resolve this issue. I will update this thread when this is done.

Check out Add setting to disable history routing by floryst · Pull Request #395 · Kitware/paraview-glance · GitHub. I opted to instead add a mechanism to disable the browser history aspect. Once that PR goes in, you will be able to add a URL parameter setting.noHistory=true.

Tested and approved ! Thank you for your responsiveness @Forrest_Li !