pvNVIDIAIndex on superbuild


I am trying to install the pvNVIDIAIndex plugin on a paraview 5.7 installation built with paraview-superbuild.
I see the option ENABLE_nvidiaindex in the cmake script, and set it to ON. It downloads the file “nvidia-index-libs-2.3.20190820-linux.tar.bz2”. But there is no libpvNVIDIAIndeX.so file to be loaded in the Plugin Manager.

Am I missing a step in order to enable the plugin?


Hello Again,
I wonder if anyone here can give me hand on this question.

Thanks a lot!

The superbuild will enable the plugin during ParaView’s build if the ENABLE_nvidiaindex option is set. The tarball downloaded is just the SDK used to build the plugin, not the plugin itself.