PVPython for NetCDF to write .csv files

I’m trying to convert a NetCDF file to a .csv format so that the data along with the coordinates could be imported into something else. I have tried using the GUI to do that and also pvpython script (thanks to @mwestphal for the pvpython webinar), but the .csv file doesn’t have the coordinates of the points. I’ve tried converting to legacy .vtk files and exporting to .csv as well but it didn’t work. I think I’m missing something related to the method to be used for structured data writing/converting formats. Any help is appreciated

sample ppvpython script used to convert from .vtk to .csv:

from paraview.simple import *
cylindervtk = LegacyVTKReader(FileNames=['./cylinder.vtk'])
SaveData('./output.csv', proxy=cylindervtk)

sampe data in .vtk format:
same data in NetCDF: